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    First we would like to welcome you to the Airport Ice Arena.  We are pleased to announce tryouts for the 2015-2016 season and will enjoy having you as part of the team.  Please read through the following information that explains the fees due, fee structure, payment schedule and other necessary information to help you understand the tryout process. At the end of the newsletter you will find a copy of the Pittsburgh Aviators Participation Agreement that you MUST read BEFORE you sign the signature sheet which is contained in the separate package of Signature Forms. 


    The Pittsburgh Aviators will play in the Pittsburgh Amateur Hockey League (PAHL) with the Airport Ice Arena as its home ice.  The collaborative arrangement with the Airport Ice Arena and the Pittsburgh Aviators affords all teams having two practices per week with set day and times throughout the season, with additional available on weekends for additional practice and scrimmages.


    The mission of the Pittsburgh Aviators is optimal player development.  The mission is primarily accomplished through proper placement of players. As an organization it is our goal to place similarly skilled players on a team with their similarly skilled peers. It should not matter what the birth year is. By way of example, if after tryouts the top three players are 03’s, the next seven ranked players are 04’s, the next eight ranked players are 03’s. To be fair and equitable, the top team should be made up of the top 15 players. So there would be the three top 03’s, then seven 04’s, and then the next five 03’s.  The remaining 03’s would then start the next team.  If the formation of a Birth Year Team is attempted, those top 03’s now will be placed on a team with 03’s that are ranked significantly lower than they are.  With such a disparity of talent, players will become frustrated and their performance will be impaired.


    We shall be having two Birth Year Teams this year – a 2004 team and a 2006 team.  The 2004 team will be playing at whatever level PAHL places them and also play an independent 24 game schedule. The 2006 team will play in PAHL and also a number of AAU birth year tournaments. Any kids that try out for these teams and are not accepted will be encouraged to participate in the mixed team try outs that follow with no additional try out fee. These mixed teams will be comprised of the top 15 ranked players, then the next 15 ranked players, and then the next 15 players, and so forth.  It is our belief that this placement process maximizes the quality of the each player’s performance and growth.


    Tryouts will be conducted by team coaches.  Supplemental tryouts will be added as necessary. 


    If you should have any questions please feel free to approach any of the coaches or contact Jason Gordon at jasongordon@airporticearena.com.




    Tryout Fee (except ADM Mites)                                       $125.00 (non-refundable)

    Commitment Fee                                                                 $400.00 (*refundable)


    * The commitment fee is refundable in the event that a player is not selected or if a player rejects a position within 48 hours of notification.



    The Pittsburgh Aviators were founded in 2004 with a simple goal - to provide the highest caliber coaching and maximize individual skill development and team concepts.


    How do we do this?

    • Quality Coaches - All of our coaches have years of experience as players and coaches at a variety of levels. Many of our coaches are on varsity and other scholastic staffs from around the area.
    • Fundamentals - Hockey is based on simple concepts executed very well. No hockey players can fully reach his or her potential without a firm understanding and execution of the fundamentals of the game.
    • Training - We practice twice a week every week with fixed ice slots times on both 1/2 ice and full ice.  We also have access to a dry-land facility within our building and a tv viewing room.
    • Commitment - We have a deep conviction in what we do. Being an Aviator means playing the game the right way. We have high expectations of our players on and off the ice to uphold what it means to be a Pittsburgh Aviator.



    2014-2015 Pittsburgh Aviators Coaching Staff

    U-18 Midget - Jim Ross

    Bantam - David Ciotti

    Bantam – Rick Grebosky

    2002 Birth Year - Bryan Vongray

    2002-2003 Team 1 - Joe Tabaka

    2002-2003 Team 2 - AJ Coleman

    2002-2003 Team 3 – Scott Kubatka

    2004-2005 Team 1 – AJ Jamiolkowski

    2004-2005 Team 2- Brian Lauck

    Mite ADM – AJ Jamiolkowski

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